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Child Support Lawyer | Factors to Consider

The welfare of a child is by far one of the most important issues to be considered when facing a marriage dissolution. Providing for minors in a family must be a top concern for all parties involved. By talking with an Arizona child support lawyer, you can better understand the factors involved in your child support determinations.

Factors to Consider

The Supreme Court of Arizona has determined the guidelines for child support determinations. The amount you will be obligated to pay results from family law courts applying these standards and factors. The guidelines are automatically reviewed at least every four years to update them if needed.

All relevant components are considered and weighed, as outlined by the Arizona Revised Statutes §25-320.

Factors considered include:

  • A child’s financial resources and needs
  • Financial resources and needs of the parent with primary custody
  • Financial resources and needs of the parent without custody
  • The standard of living a child would have enjoyed if the home remained intact
  • A child’s physical, educational and emotional needs
  • The duration of parenting time and expenses related to this time
  • Excessive or strange expenditures or hiding, concealing or defrauding an ex-partner of commonly held property
  • The child’s medical plans and support needs.

In most cases, child support factors and obligations end when the child reaches the age of majority in Arizona. However, a court has the authority to issue support beyond the age of majority if the court, considering the previous factors mentioned, finds that the child had a severe mental or physical disability prior to reaching majority that prevents them from living an independent and self-supported life.

As always, your child support lawyer will be able to walk you through the specifics of your child support obligation, and you can couple that advice with Arizona’s helpful child support calculator. This calculator stays up to date with Arizona’s latest legal changes, such as the latest child support guideline revisions. Make sure to always ask your child support lawyer about the latest child support changes in Arizona.

Arizona Child Support Calculator

Once you understand the factors involved in your Arizona child support obligations, you can use that information to calculate a general estimate of your child support expenses. Click here for Arizona’s handy child support calculator tool. With this 2015 calculator, you can input your financial data as well as the ages and names of your children. By including information for all relevant fields, you will receive an assessment of your support obligations based on Arizona’s current child support laws.

To learn more about Arizona child support or any other family law matter, contact May, Potenza, Baran & Gillespie for the legal counsel you need.

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